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  • Falcon 500 Powered by Talon FX Falcon 500 Powered by Talon FX

    Falcon 500 Powered by Talon FX

    NOTE: There is a known issue where Falcon 500 motors may not have adequate loctite applied to the shaft retention screws.  See the blog post with a message from VEX.   The Falcon 500 powered by Talon FX is a brushless motor with an integrated...
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  • CANcoder CANcoder


    NOTE: Some Fall 2022 Units have a housing bottom with a tab that is too long.  See Section 6.1 of the CANcoder User's Guide for the recommended fix. The CANcoder is the next evolution in the line of CTRE magnetic encoder products. As its name...
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  • CANivore CANivore


    The CANivore is a USB-to-CAN FD device. This device and its software will allow you to add additional CAN FD busses to the roboRIO and control supported CTR Electronics devices from your robot project. Features Reverse Input Power Protection ESP32 for...
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  • Pigeon 2.0 Pigeon 2.0

    Pigeon 2.0

    Pigeon 2.0 is the next evolution in the family of Pigeon IMUs. With no on-boot calibration or temperature calibration required and dramatic improvement to drift, the Pigeon is the easiest IMU to use yet.  Features • Nine Degrees of Freedom (3...
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  • CANdle CANdle


    The CANdle is a CAN-enabled individually addressable LED controller and a 5V high-efficiency DC voltage regulator all in one compact device. Featuring 8 on-board individually addressable RGB LEDs,  5V and pass-through VBat outputs with current sense...