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  • Pigeon 2.0 Pigeon 2.0

    Pigeon 2.0

    TIP: Pigeon 2.0 can be used with Phoenix Pro! Pigeon 2.0 is the next evolution in the family of Pigeon IMUs. With no on-boot calibration or temperature calibration required and dramatic improvement to drift, the Pigeon is the easiest IMU to use yet...
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  • Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU

    Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU

    NOTE:The Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU is no longer available for purchase.  A newer version is available: Pigeon 2.0   Pigeon is an IMU with 9 degrees of freedom, containing a 3-axis magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyro. The gyro has built-in...