Software and Downloads

Phoenix Framework Software

This page contains the latest downloads for all Phoenix Framework libraries and tools.
For older versions, see the archived versions here.
Documentation, Examples, and other resources are available at the links above.
FRC Teams looking for Documentation on writing code for PDP or PCM should see the WPILib Documentation.

Phoenix Framework for FRC

FRC Users can find vendordeps, offline installer downloads, and changelogs for Phoenix v6, Phoenix v5, and other components at our landing page here:

Note that Phoenix Pro features in v6 require licensing to use.  Licenses can be purchased here.

Phoenix Framework for HERO C#

This is the primary HERO installer for Phoenix and includes Phoenix v5 and other components for HERO and legacy FRC use.

Downloads:  Windows 64-bit (.exe)  |  Changelog
Version v5.30.4 (Feb 14 2023)

Phoenix Framework for Additional Platforms

The full list of supported platforms, requirements, and downloads can be found in our documentation here.

Phoenix Tuner

The GUI for interfacing with CTRE hardware.  Requires a roboRIO, CANivore, or supported Linux platform.

The latest version of Tuner is Phoenix Tuner X and can be obtained through the relevant app store.  Phoenix Tuner X can be used with both Phoenix v5 and Phoenix v6.

Tuner v1 can still be obtained by running the Phoenix Framework Installer (see above).
For previous versions see here.

New Software Alerts

Customers can be alerted automatically when there is new software by pressing Notifications on the Release GitHub Page.

CTRE Device Firmware

The latest firmware files are automatically downloaded by Phoenix Tuner X.
For convenience you can also download the latest set of firmware below.

Download:  CTRE Device Firmware Files (.zip)