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Software & Downloads

Phoenix Framework Software

This page contains the latest downloads for all Phoenix Framework libraries and tools.
For older versions, see the archived versions here.
Documentation, Examples, and other resources are available at the links above.
FRC Teams looking for Documentation on writing code for PDP or PCM should see the WPILib Documentation.

Phoenix Framework Installer

This is the primary installer for Phoenix and includes all necessary components for both FRC and HERO use.
Linux users should use a Windows machine for Phoenix Tuner in addition to our Linux Documentation.

Downloads:  Windows 64-bit (.exe)  |  FRC Linux (.zip)  |  FRC macOS (.zip) |  Release Notes
Version 5.21.3 (Aug 19th 2022)

Phoenix Tuner

The GUI for interfacing with CTRE hardware.  Requires a roboRIO, CANivore, or supported Linux platform.
Tuner must be obtained by running the Phoenix Framework Installer (see above).
For previous versions see here.

New Software Alerts

Customers can be alerted automatically when there is new software by pressing Notifications on the Release GitHub Page.

CTRE Device Firmware

The latest firmware files are placed on your PC during the Windows Phoenix Framework install.
For convenience you can also download the latest set of firmware below.

Download:  CTRE Device Firmware Files (.zip)
Version 2022 (Aug 19th 2022)

Phoenix Framework Maven Host

Maven hosted API binaries can downloaded using the following JSON URL.  This JSON also supports desktop simulation.


For those that wish to use a USB-attached CANivore when running your FRC project on Windows Desktop (sim), use the following JSON URL.


Note that only one of the above json files may be used at a time.  Either json will allow you to deploy your robot project to the roboRIO.