The CANivore is a USB-to-CAN FD device. CAN

This device and its software will allow you to add additional CAN FD busses to the roboRIO and control supported CTR Electronics devices from your robot project.

Note that only CAN FD compatible devices will work on a CAN FD Bus.

TIP: Click the FD Icon for a summary of what CAN FD is and what devices support it! 

TIP: CANivore can be used with Phoenix Pro!


  • USB to CAN FD adapter for Windows, FRC roboRIO, and Linux, for supported CTR-Electronics devices
  • Each CANivore adds an entirely new CAN FD network to PC or roboRIO
  • Can be used to control and update devices from a Windows PC
  • Seamlessly integrates into Phoenix Tuner
  • Wirelessly check, configure, and field-upgrade CANivore using roboRIO Wi-Fi and Phoenix Tuner.
  • Wirelessly check, configure and field-upgrade attached CAN devices using roboRIO Wi-Fi and Phoenix

  • ESP32 for wireless capabilities and programmable control (can be disabled to comply with FRC rules)
  • Can be USB powered without requiring additional power wiring
  • Can be powered from DC supply or battery (up to 28V) for standalone operation
  • Can be powered by both USB and power connector for redundant power supply
  • Reverse Input Power Protection
  • Reliable Weidmuller connector for power and CAN
  • Ability to give a custom name for a CANivore’s CAN bus
  • Custom name is used in Phoenix API to pick which CAN bus a Phoenix device uses
  • Supports Hardware Attached Simulation (desktop-simulation + actual hardware)
  • Robust bootloader and reliable field-upgrade (no physical button required, no “stuck states” that
    requires user intervention)
  • Enclosure to help protect against debris
  • Software-selectable termination resistor (120 Ω)*
  • Includes a USB A-to-C cable - perfect for roboRIO use case
  • Supports USB Hub
  • Modern USB Type-C connector
  • Windows PC use case does not require USB Driver Install
  • CANivore kernel driver already included into NI roboRIO Image
  • Voltage measurement of V+ and 5V rails
  • CAN bus utilization measurement
  • Multi-color LEDs for Status, Communication, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

* Additional Termination Resistors may be purchased for the opposite extreme end of you CAN FD Bus.

Extra Information

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