The CANdle is a CAN-enabled individually addressable LED controller and a 5V high-efficiency DC voltage regulator all in one compact device. Featuring 8 on-board individually addressable RGB LEDs,  5V and pass-through VBat outputs with current sense capability for both outputs, and the ability to daisy-chain multiple CANdles using a single source of power, the CANdle can find a place in a variety of your LED and Voltage control applications.

The CANdle features:

  • Eight onboard individually addressable LEDs – CANdle can be used without wiring additional LEDs.
  • Firmware supports several animations (Larson, rainbow, twinkle, color fades, etc.) via CAN bus/CAN FD (Phoenix)
  • Firmware supports direct LED value control via CAN bus/CAN FD (Phoenix) or WS2812B-compliant pulse-train.
  • Auto-detection of CAN bus/CAN FD (Phoenix) or WS2812B-compliant pulse-train. No software configuration required to choose between the two.
  • Supports external addressable LEDs
  • Works with 12V RGB(W) LED strips (when +VIN is ~12V)
  • Works with 5V RGB(W) LED strips (using onboard regulated 5V supply)
  • 5V Output can also power 5V peripherals such as Jetson Nano or Raspberry Pi
  • Reverse Input Power Protection
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • Output Overcurrent Protection
  • Thermal Protection
  • Voltage and Current Measurement
  • High-side duty cycle control of the V+ output allows modulation of downstream 12V LED systems 
  • Polycarbonate housing prevents debris from entering inside device
  • Electrically isolated heatsink allows for direct mounting to robot frame
  • Robust bootloader and reliable field-upgrade (no physical button required, no “stuck states” that
    requires user intervention)
  • Robust embedded wire leads
  • Wire leads are labeled for fast and easy wiring
  • CAN FD Compatible CAN

Technical Specifications: 

Input Voltage 6-28V
Max Output Current 6A
CAN Wire Gauge 22 AWG
Other Wire Gauges 18 AWG
Top Housing Material Polycarbonate
Heatsink Material Hard-Coat Anodized Aluminm
Kit Contents 1 CANdle, 2 Aluminum Spacers


Extra Information

Hardware User Manual:'s%20Guide.pdf
CAD & Drawings: