Pigeon 2.0



Note: Latest Pigeon 2.0 hardware update requires a software update. Details available here.

TIP: Pigeon 2.0 can be used with Phoenix Pro!

Pigeon 2.0 is the next evolution in the family of Pigeon IMUs.

With no on-boot calibration or temperature calibration required and dramatic improvement to drift, the Pigeon is the easiest IMU to use yet. 


Nine Degrees of Freedom (3 Axis Accelerometer, 3 Axis Gyroscope, 3 Axis Magnetometer)
Full AHRS: Yaw, Pitch, Roll
Quaternion Output
Gravity Vector Output
Boot-up does not require stillness. Get useful heading information as soon as it is powered on.
Kalman Filter fusion algorithm
Gyro automatically re-biases after 4 seconds of no-motion
Temperature Compensation for temperature sensitive components
Temperature factory-calibrated
Accelerometer factory-calibrated
Gyroscope factory-calibrated
No user-calibration required for accurate 6-axis fusion.
Mount IMU in any orientation (not limited to horizontal or vertical orientation) - see Hardware User Manual for details.
Yaw is continuous, ideal for robot heading servos and motion control.
Wide Input Voltage Range 6V – 28V
Protection Reverse Input Power Protection
Polycarbonate housing prevents debris from entering inside device
One wire lead-pair for power
Two wire lead-pairs for CAN Bus (3-pin connector, one male, one female) for daisy chaining devices
Robust bootloader and reliable field-upgrade (no physical button required, no “stuck states” that
requires user intervention)
Wirelessly check, configure and field-upgrade using roboRIO Wi-Fi and Phoenix Tuner.
Users can download software API binaries on our reliable Maven server (99.9% reliability)
Hardware Simulation Support
Supports CAN bus and CAN FD bus.
Supported by CANivore and roboRIO use case

Yaw Drift

 During No Motion  ~0.12 degrees per hour
 During Motion (with 4 second no-motion after boot-up)  ~0.4 degrees per minute
 During Motion (instantly after boot-up)  ~1.0 degree per minute

Technical Specifications

See Hardware User Manual for full specifications.

 Weight  1.07 ounces (30.39g)
 Nominal Input Voltage  12 Volts
 Min/Max Voltage Range  6V - 28V
 Typ. Current Draw @12V  40mA
 Typ. Current Draw @28V  21mA
 Gyroscope Range (dps)  125 - 2000
 Gyroscope Resolution  16 bits
 Accelerometer Range  +/- 8g
 Accelerometer Resolution  16 bits
 Magnetometer Range  +/- 1150 uT
 Magnetometer Resolution  0.3 uT
 Compass Accuracy (with Cal)  ~1 degree


Extra Information

CAD & Drawings:
Hardware User Manual: