Maximum Purchase:
100 units


NOTE: Some Fall 2022 Units have a housing bottom with a tab that is too long.  See Section 6.1 of the CANcoder User's Guide for the recommended fix.

TIP: CANcoder can be used with Phoenix Pro!

The CANcoder® is the next evolution in the line of CTRE magnetic encoder products. As its name implies, this product is a rotary magnetic encoder that communicates over the CAN bus. Supporting CAN FD and CAN 2.0, this product provides the same position and velocity with the same resolutions you've come to expect from the SRX Magnetic Encoder.

CANcoder is available both in Standard (no wires attached to the PCB) and Wired (wires pre-soldered to the PCB) versions.

Wired CANcoder® Specifications

The wired version of this product comes with power & CAN wires already soldered to the board. There are three sets of twisted pairs soldered to the board (1 for power and 2 for CAN bus). More information on the wires can be found in the table below 

Cable Colors Signal AWG Cable Length Exposed End
Red V+ 22 12" ~3/8" Stripped & Tinned Lead
Black Ground 22 12" ~3/8" Stripped & Tinned Lead
Yellow CAN High 22 12" 0.1" spaced 3-pin connector (wires to outside, no middle pin)
Green CAN Low 22 12" 0.1" spaced 3-pin connector (wires to outside, no middle pin)

Technical Specifications

 Supply Voltage  6-16V
 Current Draw  <50 mA nominal, 60 mA max
 ESD Protection  30kV
 Recommended Min Wire Gauge  22AWG

Extra Information

Hardware User Manual:
/content/user-manual/CANCoder User's Guide.pdf
CAD & Drawings: