New Products / FIRST 2022 Kickoff

New Products / FIRST 2022 Kickoff

Published by Omar Zrien on 8th Jan 2022

Hello FRC Community!

Excited for kickoff? So are we! Time for a products and kickoff update!

New Products!

We've been busy here preparing a variety of new products.  All of which are supported in the 2022 kickoff release software.

Pigeon 2

First is an updated version of the popular Pigeon IMU.  

This device has many improvements over the original, including the ability to rapid boot into motion.  

No more waiting for your gyroscopes to settle on power up!

Pigeon 2.0 Check out the specs here!


Several teams have asked us to develop an LED controller for individually addressable LEDs.

Who wouldn't love a CAN bus controlled device that can drive fun LED animations?

But what if it could also drive 5V development boards (up to 6A)?

And what if it also had eight LEDs onboard to start with?

And what if all this was in a compact footprint?

CANdle We think it would look something like this device.

CANivore / CAN FD?

You might have noticed this icon appearing in a few places on our site.

Be sure to learn more about the next generation of CAN bus

Why all the focus on CAN FD? Because CTR-Electronics has invested in the development of a high-function USB-to-CAN adapter that brings the power of CAN FD into FIRST robotics.  

Meet the CANivore !

More information on will be available on all three new products shortly as we put final touches on our documentation.


Latest Software

Earlier this week we released our 2022 kickoff release of Phoenix Framework (5.20.2). The Phoenix Windows installer and zips for macOS and Linux are now available.

You can find the latest firmware CRFs on the same page (the installer also installs them).

Simulation Support

Simulation support exists for the following products:

  • Motor controllers (Falcon 500, Talon SRX, Victor SPX)
  • IMUs: Pigeon IMU and Pigeon 2.0
  • CANcoder
  • Integration with WPILib’s simulation GUI when using WPI_* classes
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Supported Languages: Java, C++

If you encounter any issues please file an issue tracker here.


Starting in 2022, the maven link for C++/Java teams will include the year in the path.

Latest maven library is available at:

Documentation has been updated to reflect this.


The Phoenix download button has been reintroduced into Tuner for installing Phoenix for LabVIEW teams.

This is because of several issues reported when using the native feature of LabVIEW to install our libraries into the roboRIO.  As such, LabVIEW teams must use this button once to install Phoenix after re-imaging the RIO.

New Website

The new version of our website has now been formally linked to

We no longer are publicly hosting the legacy site.

Details about the migration was posted in a previous blog post.

Good luck and stay safe! - Omar Zrien