Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU


Discontinued: Replaced by Pigeon 2.0

Discontinued: Replaced by Pigeon 2.0


The Gadgeteer Pigeon IMU is no longer available for purchase. 
A newer version is available:
Pigeon 2.0


Pigeon is an IMU with 9 degrees of freedom, containing a 3-axis magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyro. The gyro has built-in temperature compensation. Pigeon provides a heading by sensor fusing all 9 measurements. It can be connected to the Gadgeteer Port on the Talon SRX or HERO for power (<50mA) and communication via UART, or it can be wired to the CAN bus while powered from a separate 12V source. Pigeon has built-in compass compensation for hard-iron, soft-iron, and physical tilt. Two multi-color LEDs are used to indicate status. This device ships with a 4" gadgeteer data cable.

Extra Information

Hardware User Manual:
/content/user-manual/Pigeon IMU User's Guide.pdf
CAD & Drawings: