CANcoder Hardware Update

CANcoder Hardware Update

Published by CTR Electronics Team on 2nd Sep 2022

With ongoing global supply chain issues and parts shortages, we've made some changes to CANcoder to keep delivering our best-in-class CAN sensor.

CANcoder Stock

CANcoders are now back in stock!
You can once again get both the pre-wired and non-wired versions:

Hardware Update

In order to keep providing CANcoder we've made an update to the hardware used in the sensor.

CANcoders with this new hardware have been designated "vH" or "version H", which you'll see reflected in the "Hardware" designation in Phoenix Tuner.

Performance and interface of the CANcoder are entirely unaffected, so after flashing firmware (details below) there is no noticeable difference between the original and vH CANcoders.

Firmware Variant

The change in hardware does require a different version of firmware.

This firmware is labelled as "vH" to distinguish it from the standard version of firmware.  Moving forward, both firmware variants will be released any time there is an update to CANcoder firmware.

Example firmware names:
- CANcoder: "CANcoder-Application-"

- CANcoder vH: "CANcoder-Application-vH-"

You can find more details about firmware flashing the different CANcoder versions in our documentation:

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