Non-insulated Terminal Crimp Tool by IWISS



This is a ratcheting crimping tool for non-insulated terminals such as the Ring Terminals we carry for the Kraken X60. This tool is manufactured by IWISS.

This crimp tool has been tested by our staff with the 22 AWG and 10 AWG ring terminals and corresponding wire sold by CTR Electronics and will produce a solid crimp when the instructions have been followed. For 22 AWG CAN Bus Cable, two wires can easily fit and be crimped simultaneously when the wire pair is twisted together and inserted into the ring terminal.

Crimping Instructions:
These terminals have a seam in the center as part of their manufacturing process. This makes it important to ensure proper orientation when crimping.

With the seam resting in the semicircular side of the crimp jaw (the 1.25 labeled jaw for 22 AWG, which is furthest from the handle, or the 5.5 labeled jaw for 10 AWG, which is closest to the handle), close the handle until the ratcheting action releases. The crimp tool will imprint a number ("1" for 22 AWG or "5" for 10 AWG) on the seam side when properly crimped.