Pigeon2 2023 Errata

Pigeon2 2023 Errata

Published by CTR Electronics Team on 9th Feb 2023

A functional limitation was discovered with the most recently manufactured batch of Pigeon 2s.  When used on a CANivore (CAN FD) bus, the Pigeon 2 may not transmit CAN FD frames correctly.  As a result you may find that all CAN device LEDs go red when the Pigeon 2 is in-circuit and powered.  

This only occurs with Pigeon 2s with a manufacture date of Sept 2022.
Note this limitation has no effect when using the Pigeon 2 on the roboRIO CAN bus.

New Firmware CRFs

New firmware CRFs were released to address this issue. (Phoenix Pro) and (Phoenix v5) (Change log)


In order to update the Pigeon 2 one of the following can be done

  • Connect Pigeon 2 to roboRIO CAN bus*, and use Tuner or Tuner X to update Pigeon 2
  • Connect Pigeon 2 to CANivore directly** (no other devices) and use Tuner or Tuner X to update Pigeon 2

 ** Note: We recommend power cycling the Pigeon after switching to roboRIO from CANivore.
** Note: You may need to terminate the free pigtail of Pigeon 2 with a termination resistor (120Ω).

Additionally an update to Tuner X and Phoenix will be released soon that contains a procedure that allows updating the Pigeon 2 with CANivore without needing to change the CAN bus wiring or connecting to the roboRIO CAN bus.

EDIT: Tuner X update is now released.  Documentation is now available.