Phoenix Pro Licensing: Announcing Season Pass

Phoenix Pro Licensing: Announcing Season Pass

Published by CTR Electronics Team on 2nd Aug 2023

EDIT 8/8/23: Updated to reflect that previous 2023 off-season CANivore license purchases will be eligible for a free 2024 Season Pass.  Also updated to reflect beta license availability during the FRC Beta.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on Phoenix Pro and the 2023 Phoenix software from last season. Based on this feedback we’ve been developing several improvements (such as the change to Phoenix 6) and today we have another to share with you.

One of the major points of feedback we received was regarding the licensing available for Phoenix Pro. In particular, the biggest areas for improvement were:

  • Purchased licenses being “lost” if the device has a non-warranty failure
  • A CANivore being required in order to license multiple devices from one license
  • High costs for teams that have many devices or multiple development robots/platforms

To help address these issues we are pleased to announce the Phoenix Pro Season Pass, exclusively for FRC Teams.

What is Season Pass?

Season Pass is a single, cost-effective purchase that allows your team to license your compatible devices with Phoenix Pro for the entire season.

We won’t make you wait to find out what “cost-effective” means -

The retail price for the 2024 Phoenix Pro Season Pass will be $150 USD and is available now on our store.

How does it work?

A purchased Season Pass is visible in your profile view in the 2024 version of Phoenix Tuner X.

Before use, your FRC Team Number must be assigned to the Season Pass.

All licenses activated from the Season Pass are specific to your team and will only work with your team’s robots.

Once the Season Pass has your team number assigned you can use it to license devices! And unlike a regular standalone license, the Season Pass will remain available in your license list to activate additional devices.

More Details on Team-Specific Licenses

As mentioned above, Season Pass licenses are tied to your designated team number.

These licenses will activate Phoenix Pro features in the following cases:

  • The licensed device is used on a roboRIO configured for the team number assigned to the Season Pass
  • The licensed device is used for Hardware Attached Simulation (a CANivore connected to your PC) with your WPILib robot project
  • The licensed device is used on a roboRIO configured for one of the reserved “Off-Season Demo” team numbers (currently team numbers 9970 - 9999)

Number of Devices

The Phoenix Pro Season Pass is intended to allow licensing all of your team’s devices for the season.

For technical reasons and to prevent potential abuse there is an initial limit of 60 devices that can be licensed from a Season Pass. If your team needs more than 60 devices, don’t worry! Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to work with you to determine the appropriate number of license seats based on your use case. Our intent is that every team can license all of the devices they need from a single Season Pass.

Bonus Licenses

We know that the off-season is the best time to test new ideas, learn new software, and train up-and-coming students, and licensing shouldn’t get in the way of that. You shouldn’t need to buy last year’s licenses in order to test and develop only to turn around and need to buy this season’s licenses a couple months later!

To help with this, we will be providing the following extra licenses during the offseason.

Post-Championship 2023 Licenses

Every person who purchased a 2023 Phoenix Pro license between the 2023 Championship Event and now will receive a free 2024 Phoenix Pro license.

If you purchased a 2023 CANivore license set, you will receive a free 2024 Phoenix Pro Season Pass.

If you purchased 2023 Individual Device licenses, you will receive the same number of 2024 Individual Device licenses.

These licenses will be sent out shortly after 2024 licenses become available for purchase this week. Please note that 2023 licenses purchased after 2024 licenses are available will not be eligible for a free 2024 license.

2024 Licenses Purchased before Kickoff

Prior to Kickoff on January 6th, 2024, every 2024 Phoenix Pro license purchase will come with a free equivalent 2023 license so you can get up and running with development right away.

Since there is no 2023 Season Pass, any 2024 Season Pass purchased will come with 20x 2023 individual device licenses and 1x set of 2023 CANivore licenses.

These 2023 licenses can be used immediately with the current release of Phoenix 6, and the 2024 licenses (and Season Pass) can be used with 2024 Phoenix (including during the 2024 FRC Beta) once it’s available.

Testing Pro

Like last year we will be running beta testing during this year's FRC beta program.

Anyone interested in testing Phoenix Pro during beta should contact us after the start of the beta program.  While we are still in need of testers we will be able to provide free Beta-only Phoenix Pro licenses to teams that ask.