Falcon 500 Motors: 2022 Critical Update

Falcon 500 Motors: 2022 Critical Update

14th Feb 2022

CTR Electronics customers, please see the below message from VEX for a critical update regarding a mechanical issue with the Falcon 500 motor.

VEX's team has identified a quality issue that may have impacted some of the Falcon 500s.

We strongly recommend teams inspect and address their motors before competition.

The issue is that the (5x) screws attaching the shaft to the motor may not have enough Loctite on them. In addition, some Falcon motors may be missing the shaft shim that goes between the shaft and the bearing in the faceplate.

Here’s what we recommend teams do:
You should re-loctite the shaft screws on your motors.

The Falcon v2 Upgrade Instructions are a pretty good guide to walk you through this process.

If you notice your Falcon doesn’t have a shaft shim, there are two options:

You can contact VEX and they can send you shaft shims free of charge.
You can buy a box of 25 shims from McMaster-Carr. Part number is 94773A712.

The motor should only have one shaft shim. Please reference the Falcon v2 Upgrade Instructions (link above) for instructions.

If you strip screws trying to open a motor….

If you are having trouble opening up your Falcon, or have stripped screws trying to open up the motor or remove the shaft screws, please contact VEX (prosupport@vex.com). We can give you guidance on opening the motor, as well as supply you with replacement screws. One way or another, we will make this right.

We are deeply sorry that these issues have occurred. Everyone involved with this product is a former or current FIRST student/mentor. We understand how annoying issues like these are for teams, especially at this point of the season. We appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Best of luck this season,
VEX Robotics