2024 Phoenix 6 Alpha

2024 Phoenix 6 Alpha

Published by CTR Electronics Team on 19th Sep 2023

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce the start of Open Alpha Testing for the 2024 version of Phoenix 6!

We've been busy working with a select group of closed alpha members on testing and adding a plethora of new features to the Phoenix 6 API.

Now we're at a point where we'd like to open testing to the rest of the community for feedback. This testing is for both the freely available Phoenix 6 API and the licensed Phoenix Pro featureset.

Note that the 2024 alpha software runs on the 2023 roboRIO image and works with the existing 2023 WPILib libraries & robot projects.

Some 2024 Phoenix 6 software highlights are:

  • Additional programming language support
  • Python (for FRC and non-FRC)
  • C# (non-FRC only)
  • Integrated Swerve into our Phoenix 6 Java API
    • Swerve setup and configuration wizard in Phoenix Tuner X
    • Further improved swerve control with SwerveRequests
    • Swerve Simulation Support
  • CANcoder Zero button in Phoenix Tuner X
  • New Motion Magic control modes, including Motion Magic Velocity
  • And More!

To improve our customers’ experience, we want to get as many people involved in the alpha as early as possible. Phoenix 6 will continue to be refined and improved, and we encourage everyone to be part of that process. Users who take advantage of this alpha program can submit feedback to alpha-test@ctr-electronics.com.

Alternatively, Issue trackers can be opened on our repository for any issues or bugs that are encountered during testing:

As always, you can find all the documentation related to our software on our documentation landing page: