2023 Week 1 Phoenix Software Update

2023 Week 1 Phoenix Software Update

Published by CTR Electronics Team on 13th Jan 2023

With the build season a week in, we wanted to provide an update with some bugfixes and updates to the Phoenix software packages.

Phoenix Pro v23.0.2

The latest version of Phoenix Pro provides some minor bugfixes and some new features for users working with the Phoenix Pro software package.

New features include:

  • Talon FX Continuous Wrap Closed Loop - This allows the Talon FX to use its internal closed loop to take the shortest path in a continuous mechanism, such as in swerve azimuth control. When this feature is enabled, Talon FX wraps the position error within [-0.5, +0.5) mechanism rotations. This means if the Talon is at +0.4 rotations, and the user wants to drive it to -0.4 rotations, the Talon FX will drive forward 0.2 rotations to reach the target.  More details are available in our API documentation: Java, C++
  • Latency Compensation Method in Pro API - This provides a helper method that performs latency compensation on a signal with its time derivative. More details are available in our API documentation: JavaC++.

These improvements are useful as teams raise the bar with advanced control mechanisms such as Swerve Drivetrains.

Phoenix 5 v5.30.3

Phoenix v5 also has some bugfixes, so be sure to update your robot project. Notably Phoenix v5 fixes an issue with CANdle's setLED call. See the changelog for the full list at https://api.ctr-electronics.com/changelog.