2023 FRC Kickoff - Phoenix Release - CANcoder Product Notice

2023 FRC Kickoff - Phoenix Release - CANcoder Product Notice

Published by CTR Electronics Team on 6th Jan 2023

As we start another FRC season, here are some updates for teams.

2023 FRC Kickoff

Latest 2023 Phoenix software was posted earlier today.  

This includes

  • Phoenix Tuner v1
  • Phoenix 5
  • Phoenix Pro (new for 2023, checkout the new features)
  • Phoenix Tuner X (new for 2023, posted to Microsoft App Store and Google Play Store)

Note the Microsoft App Store is still in-process, once this is complete the version of Tuner-X will be 2023.1

Phoenix Tuner X

New for this year is a modernized version of Tuner called Phoenix Tuner X.  This update to the original Tuner software targets Windows and Android.  Some of the improvements include:

  • Modern visual framework that allows for advanced future features
  • Support for Windows/Android (potential future release for macOS/iOS)
  • Software downloads via application stores (Windows Store, Android Play Store)
  • Automatic updates (latest firmware files)
  • Automatic firmware version checking
  • Improved graphical components
  • Improved networking discovery of roboRIO
  • Improved configuration view
  • Links to product documentation
  • Live updates of CANivore signals (CAN bus utilization, bus voltage)

Phoenix Pro

In addition to releasing Phoenix v5 API, we've released an alternative API called Phoenix Pro.  This software library improves on the older Phoenix v5 on several fronts.  This has been developed based on the feedback of several veteran teams.  Documentation is now available and licenses may be purchased.

Note that there are now Phoenix 5 and Phoenix Pro firmware files (CRF) for:

  • CANcoder
  • Pigeon 2
  • Talon FX

CANivore however uses the same CRF for both.

Thank you to all beta teams who were a part of the testing effort!

CANcoder Product Notice

An issue has been discovered with the latest batch of CANcoders - a small number of units have enclosures such that the screw hole is partially incomplete. This can be addressed by slowly drilling the excess plastic that prevents the screw using a number 47 (5/64 in.) drill bit.  We recommend feeding the drill bit from the "inside" of the workpiece as this helps keep the drill bit aligned.