HERO Development Board



Note: HERO C# Requires Visual Studio 2017 or 2019.  Visual Studio 2022 is not currently supported.

A user programmable hardware platform that runs the .NET Micro Framework, users may develop applications using Visual Studio written in C#

Be sure to purchase a USB A-to-A cable to leverage all features.

The HERO is a Gadgeteer main board that features the .NET Micro Framework. This powerful development platform allows users to program and debug using Visual Studio 2017 C#. This open hardware platform features 8 Gadgeteer ports that may be connected to a variety of Gadgeteer modules supporting SPI, I2C, UART/USART, SD Card, Analog, GPIO, PWM and a Talon SRX emulation port. The HERO also features dual wire CAN, USB host and USB device.

Visual Studio Debugging

Developers can enjoy all of the benefits of a modern debugger/IDE, while creating embedded robotic applications.  

Use breakpoints, watch list, call-stack and more...

visual studio hero

Open source class library

Developers can use HERO as an aid to integrate Talon SRX, PCM and PDP to custom platforms that support CAN Bus.

Great for college projects!



 Logitech Gamepad                                                                      

USB Host Features

HERO allows Gamepads to be directly connected, allowing users to control Talons over CAN Bus without a PC.  

Test mechanical systems without writing any software.  

Use a wireless USB gamepad and drive your robot remotely!


CAN Device Configuration

Field-upgrade and modify Device IDs of CAN Devices using HERO and USB.

(Requires a USB A-to-A cable).



 lifeboat hero


Extra Information

Hardware User Manual:
/content/user-manual/HERO User's Guide.pdf
CAD & Drawings: