Falcon 500 2023 Availability

Falcon 500 units are out of stock.


Update 9/1:

There is no ETA for Talon FX/Falcon 500 availability at this time.
We are working to ensure sufficient availability of brushless motors using our Talon FX controller technology but do not yet have an update we can share. Thank you for your patience, and please keep an eye out for updated information in the near future via website announcement and/or newsletter.

Update 5/17:

We are not expecting any additional inventory from our manufacturing partner before late 2023. Look for availability during the 2024 pre-season later this year.


Statement on the 1/30 Sales Process:


Update 1/30:

Falcon 500s are out of stock.

Update 1/27:

This morning our fulfillment center experienced a power issue that means we cannot fulfill orders.  We expect this issue to be resolved later today or over the weekend, so to ensure the quality of the Falcon ordering launch we have made the difficult decision to delay availability of the Falcon 500 stock.

The new planned restock date is Monday 1/30/2023 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Update 1/26:

CTRE has received our shipment of Falcon 500s.

They will go in stock tomorrow, 1/27, at 1pm Eastern Time.

Update 1/24:

CTRE has received shipment confirmation and tracking for our distribution of Falcon 500s coming from VEX.

Falcon 500s are scheduled to arrive at CTRE by the end of this week.  We will be sending out another newsletter once the Falcons have been received along with a firm restock date when the Falcons will be purchasable on our storefront.

Update 1/23:

Falcon 500s are arriving at VEX early this week and should be shipping to CTRE within a few days.

We will be sending out a newsletter once we have confirmed shipment tracking to us, and a second newsletter once units are in-hand and we have a firm restock date for our site.

Newsletter sign-ups can be done at the bottom of the page.

Initial Status 1/3:

VEX has provided an initial timeline for Falcon 500 availability:

Based on this information, the earliest CTRE will receive units is January 18th.