Battery Cable



FRC READY Battery Cable made with INFINITIFLEX 6 AWG wire - extremely DURABLE while also being extremely FLEXIBLE.

Product Overview: 
This FRC READY Battery Cable is made with INFINITIFLEX 6 AWG wire which is extremely durable while also being EXTREMELY flexible. This cable has a high resistance to wear and tear and is very easy to handle and maneuver/route. The end connectors and lugs are crimped using a 10 ton pneumatic crimping tool - you can have full confidence in connectivity using this cable.


  • Length: 12 - 12 1/2 inches tip to tip
  • Weight: .25 Lbs (4.0 ozs)
  • Gauge: 6 AWG
  • Connector: SB-50 Anderson Power Products Connector
  • Lugs: Thomas & Betts 6 AWG - HEX Crimped w/10 ton pneumatic crimper
  • Heat Shrinks: Polyolefin Black & Red